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Estimated Revenue / Year

£7,200 - £28,800

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About Representative

We are seeking in-person advisors to provide study abroad guidance under their own brand as a representative of our platform. As a representative, you will obtain an exclusive territory to establish an office and attract local student clients. Your responsibilities include:

  • Promoting your advisory services to attract prospective students in your region
  • Meeting with students and parents to evaluate study abroad options based on academic, career and personal interests
  • Researching and recommending specific programs, schools, housing, travel, visas, etc.
  • Assisting with applications and pre-departure preparation
  • Developing your personal brand and advisory services
  • Generating leads and achieving monthly sales targets
  • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of study abroad programs, requirements, and trends

Skills & Qualifications

To be an effective representative offering study abroad guidance, A good English Language Level (+B1) and certain skills and qualifications are crucial. These include:

1. Strong Communication Skills: Ability to effectively communicate with students, parents, and educational institutions. This includes listening to clients’ needs, clearly explaining options, and providing insightful advice.

2. Sales and Marketing Ability: Skills in promoting your advisory services to attract prospective students. This involves understanding marketing strategies, digital marketing, and personal branding to generate leads.

3. Advisory and Counseling Proficiency: Capacity to counsel students and parents, helping them evaluate study abroad options based on their academic, career, and personal interests.

4. Research and Analytical Skills: Proficiency in researching and recommending specific programs, schools, housing, travel, and visa arrangements. This requires staying current with various international education opportunities and understanding different countries’ educational systems.

5. Application Assistance: Knowledge and ability to assist with the application process, including understanding different universities’ application requirements and procedures.

6. Pre-departure Preparation: Ability to guide students through pre-departure preparations, offering advice on cultural adjustments, travel logistics, and essential documentation.

7. Personal Brand Development: Skills in developing and maintaining a personal brand. This involves identifying unique selling points, building a professional network, and establishing trust and credibility.

8. Goal-Oriented: Motivation to achieve monthly sales targets and business goals. This involves setting objectives, tracking progress, and adapting strategies to meet these targets.

9. Continuous Learning: Commitment to maintaining up-to-date knowledge of study abroad programs, requirements, and trends. This includes ongoing education and professional development in the field of international education.

10. Empathy and Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding and sensitivity to different cultures and educational backgrounds, which is crucial in advising a diverse range of students.

11. Organizational Skills: Ability to manage multiple clients and tasks efficiently, keeping track of various deadlines, application processes, and follow-ups.

12. Networking Abilities: Skills in building and maintaining relationships with educational institutions, local communities, and potential clients.

Having these skills and qualifications will enable a representative to provide effective study abroad guidance, attract and retain clients, and successfully operate under their own brand while representing the platform.

Join us as: Representative

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