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We are seeking entrepreneurs interested in establishing their own study abroad advisory franchise. As a franchisee, you will have the opportunity to operate an exclusive franchise in your region. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Launching, marketing and building your franchise advisory business
  • Meeting with students and parents to guide them through the study abroad process
  • Researching and recommending programs, logistics based on student needs
  • Overseeing franchise operations, staffing, sales, growth
  • Achieving monthly revenue and sales goals
  • Promoting and protecting the brand experience
  • Attending initial and ongoing franchisor training
  • Reporting franchise performance metrics

Skills & Qualifications

To become an franchise owner and successfully run a study abroad advisory franchise, certain skills and qualifications are essential. These include:

  1. Entrepreneurial Spirit: A strong desire and drive to start, build, and grow a new business.
    Marketing and Business Development Skills: Ability to launch, market, and build the franchise. This involves understanding local markets, developing marketing strategies, and attracting clients.
  2. Advisory and Counseling Skills: Capacity to meet with students and parents to provide guidance through the study abroad process. This requires good listening, empathy, and the ability to understand and address the needs and concerns of students and parents.
  3. Research and Analytical Skills: Proficiency in researching and recommending appropriate study programs and logistics based on individual student needs. This involves staying updated with global educational trends and opportunities.
  4. Operational Management: Skills in overseeing franchise operations including staffing, managing sales, and ensuring overall growth. This includes the ability to handle day-to-day operations efficiently.
  5. Financial Acumen: Understanding of financial aspects, including achieving monthly revenue and sales goals. This involves budgeting, financial planning, and profitability management.
  6. Brand Management: Commitment to promoting and protecting the brand experience. This requires adherence to the brand’s standards and values.
  7. Training and Development: Willingness to attend initial and ongoing training provided by the franchisor to stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in the study abroad advisory field.
  8. Performance Reporting: Ability to accurately report franchise performance metrics, which involves understanding key performance indicators and using them to drive business decisions.
  9. Adaptability and Problem-Solving Skills: Flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and the ability to solve problems that may arise in the course of running the franchise.
  10. Excellent Communication Skills: Effective communication with students, parents, staff, and the franchisor, ensuring clear and effective interactions.
  11. Leadership and Team Management: Skills in leading a team, motivating staff, and fostering a positive work environment.
  12. Local Market Knowledge: Understanding of the local education system and market dynamics, which is crucial for effective operations and marketing strategies.

Having these skills and qualifications will equip a franchisee to successfully operate an franchise, ensuring its growth and profitability while maintaining high standards of service.

Join us as: Franchise

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