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Brand Ambassador


Estimated Revenue / Year

£3,000 - £12,000

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About Brand Ambassador

We are seeking passionate and outgoing brand ambassadors to represent at events, student fairs, and on university campuses. As a brand ambassador, you will engage directly with prospective students to promote our study abroad advisory services. Your responsibilities include:

  • Attending student fairs, university events, conferences and other networking opportunities
  • Engaging students to explain the benefits of using for their study abroad goals
  • Distributing marketing materials like brochures, flyers and promotional giveaways
  • Collecting student information and directing them to an advisor
  • Representing the brand in a positive, enthusiastic manner
  • Coordinating outreach calendar and maintaining an active presence at target schools
  • Tracking leads and providing reporting on brand awareness activities
  • Participating in ongoing brand ambassador training webinars
  • Traveling to events and campuses within your assigned territory

The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with many students in a short period of time. Previous promotion or student recruiting

experience is preferred. This is an excellent opportunity for someone passionate about study abroad!

Skills & Qualifications

To excel as a Brand Ambassador for, particularly in promoting study abroad advisory services, several specific skills and qualifications are essential:

  1. Strong Interpersonal Skills: Ability to effectively engage and interact with a wide range of individuals, especially students, in various settings.
  2. Communication and Presentation Skills: Proficient in clearly and enthusiastically communicating the benefits of using for study abroad goals. This includes verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  3. Event Participation and Networking: Experience in attending student fairs, university events, conferences, and other networking opportunities. Ability to represent the brand positively and engage attendees effectively.
  4. Marketing and Promotional Skills: Knowledge in distributing marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and promotional giveaways. This also involves understanding basic marketing principles to attract potential clients.
  5. Lead Generation and Data Collection: Skills in collecting student information and directing them to an advisor. Ability to track leads and provide reporting on brand awareness activities.
  6. Brand Representation: Ability to represent the brand in a positive, enthusiastic manner. This includes maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor that aligns with the brand’s values.
  7. Organizational and Planning Abilities: Competence in coordinating an outreach calendar and maintaining an active presence at target schools. This involves good time management and logistical planning skills.
  8. Training and Development: Willingness to participate in ongoing brand ambassador training webinars to stay informed about the company’s services and strategies.
  9. Mobility and Flexibility: Capability to travel to events and campuses within the assigned territory, which may involve adaptable working hours and the ability to manage travel logistics.
  10. Previous Experience: While not mandatory, previous experience in promotion, student recruiting, or a similar role is highly beneficial.
  11. Enthusiasm for Study Abroad: A genuine passion for study abroad and international education, which helps in connecting with students and conveying the benefits of the services authentically.
  12. Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness: Understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, which is crucial when interacting with students from various backgrounds.

These skills and qualifications will enable a Brand Ambassador to effectively promote’s services, engage with prospective students, and contribute to the brand’s growth and recognition in the study abroad sector.

Join us as: Brand Ambassador

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